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Cal Inspection Bureau is highly responsive to our clients� service needs and environmentally conscious as well.

With our new paperless operation, you can order audits and inspections via our Web-based on-demand ordering system. You can search for and track your order via our customized state-of-the-art client dashboard from anywhere in the world, receiving updates and downloadable reports for your audits and inspections electronically anytime, day or night.

Emil Moskowitz, Founder and President of Cal Inspection Bureau, completed his Bachelor of Arts at U.C.L.A. before moving on to Loyola Law School where he earned a law degree. He started Cal Inspection Bureau in 1988.

Cal Inspection Bureau is a proud member of the following professional associations:


Cal Inspection Bureau, Inc. has a staff of professional, highly trained auditors performing premium audits throughout the United States.

In addition to providing audits by phone, our auditors live in key areas within these States to reduce drive time and increase time dedicated to service.

Through our paperless operating system, you are able to place your orders online and receive audits electronically.

All audits are subject to a quality control review to ensure accuracy. We look forward to servicing all of your premium audit needs.


Cal Inspection Bureau provides quality underwriting surveys, phone surveys and hybrid premium audits throughout the United States.

Inspections in and around large cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and Las Vegas are charged as local. However, remote area surveys will be subject to an extra fee.

Our experienced field staff live and work locally to the areas we cover, reducing travel time and inspection costs. We train our personnel to be professional and courteous at all times. While making every effort to secure necessary information, our field representatives are instructed to avoid any discussion concerning matters not pertinent to the assignment.

We attempt to complete all underwriting surveys within 22 working days of receiving the request, and we provide status reports whenever the survey cannot be completed on the first or second attempt.

  �  Apartments
  �  Builders risk (COC)
  �  Commercial general liability
  �  Contractors liability
  �  Garage liability
  �  Used car dealers
  �  Service stations
  �  Repair garages
  �  Liquor liability
  �  Mercantile burglary
  �  Monies and Securities
  �  Packages Standard or custom)
  �  Plate glass (condition only)
  �  Property
  �  Products liability
  �  Resurvey
  �  Restaurant package
  �  Vehicle fleet
  �  Workers Compensation